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We have you include one of the domains you've registered in order to validate that you are the true account owner before initiating a password reset. If you cannot remember any of the domains you've registered, please contact CloudFlare
If you initiated a password reset but haven't receive an email after an hour, check your spam folder. The message will be titled "CloudFlare Password Assistance" and be sent from "CloudFlare Assistance ". If you can't find the email, y...
If you forgot the password to your account, you can reset it.
You can disregard the email. in most cases this happens when another user typos an email address. If you receive multiple reset emails and are concerned that someone may be trying to illegally access your account, please contact CloudFlare
If you haven't signed up any domains, just leave the domains field blank. If you've initiated a sign up for a domain, even if the sign up wasn't complete, you should enter it to confirm you are the true owner of the account.
By checking this box, we will automatically log you in each time you visit When you check this box, CloudFlare sets a cookie (lasting two weeks) to remember you when you return to the site from the same computer. To disable the cookie, jus...
In order to maximize security, we store passwords in a hashed format. This means even we can't read your password. As a result, we cannot send you your password, but we can allow you to reset it.