I have a PC, do I need a hosting company to host my website?
Posted by on 21 January 2016 02:34 PM

Yes, a hosting company takes care of the technicalities of hosting a website while you take care of the more important business – running your website.

Technically, it is possible to host a website from your PC but it is not recommended. Personal computers are made up of different hardware than the heavy duty hardware used in servers. Personal computers will have a very short life span compared to a server, if used as a server. And that’s just one of the requirements. Here's a list of things that you'll need to keep a stable and reliable web server:

  1. It can cost thousands of dollars!
  2. You must have hours of free time every day for boring maintenance and monitoring tasks.
  3. You’ll have to change its operating system for optimum performance.
  4. You must own a top of the line personal computer.
  5. You must purchase new hardware like RAM, router, etc. to beef up your PC and network.
  6. A commercial Fiber optic internet connection and an expensive commercial agreement with your ISP is necessary to support constant high speed data transfer.
  7. Of course, you'll need a web-admin level of technical know-how. Web admins go to college to learn their trade.
  8. Expensive commercial software to keep your PC safe from viruses and hackers is a must.
  9. You'll need to pay for all the software licenses to use cPanel, mail server, database, etc.
  10. You must also know how to install and maintain all of the above software and hardware.
  11. You’ll also need the knowledge to resolve any issues with all of the above on your own.

Even if you can check 90% of the items in the list above, it is still not worth it. You may not end up spending thousands of dollars on running your own server but it is still going to be very expensive. Considering all the disadvantages, it's not just easier, but more practical to host your website with a professional web hosting company.

Certified Hosting has invested hundreds of thousands of dollars to setup a world class hosting infrastructure. Our large scale operation allows us to offer a hosting account at affordable prices.

Please feel free to contact us for more information and we will help you find a hosting solution that meets your budget and your requirements.

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