Should I keep a local copy of my website?
Posted by on 21 January 2016 02:30 PM


Absolutely. We highly recommend that you keep a local copy of all the files and database that make your website. You may store it on your personal computer, or in a storage device or at another location online.

It is also highly recommended that you make your own regular backups of your website. Although we make weekly backups of your website, we cannot guarantee that they will be accurate or complete. Another reason you should keep local, regular backups is that our weekly backups are for our internal use. If you would like to restore data from our backups, a $15 fee may be charged. Restoration from a backup that you provide us is completely free. 

To make a backup of your files, databases, email aliases, etc. browse to:

  • Log into cPanel and scroll down to “Backups” in the Files section.
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