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Do you provide support for third party design and scripts?
Posted by on 16 January 2016 05:59 AM

Certified Hosting is known in the web hosting industry for its excellent customer support. It’s our pride and joy to go the extra mile and make sure our customers have an amazing experience.

Our support staff is highly trained, skilled and experienced. They are also instructed to do the best they can, but there are certain issues that fall beyond our scope of support. You may contact us about assistance with managing, moving, copying or deleting your website files, database, email, etc., web design, custom coding, third party script design and troubleshooting and SEO. We will always do our best to help you, but we will be unable to assist you outside of basic internet research.

That said, if you are installing third party scripts, we are able to offer basic information like database connection info, port number for email clients, etc. for configuration and setup variables.


Hire a Freelancer

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