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What is Certified Protection?
Posted by on 15 January 2016 01:47 PM

Certified Protection prevents account suspension.  Peace of Mind: Guaranteed!

Certified Protection turns your shared web hosting into stress free web hosting.

You may be surprised to hear that it is common for websites with unlimited plans get suspended for high resource usage! We are aware that some webhosting companies have mislead their customers in believing that their plans are truly unlimited in all aspects!

Many web hosting companies offer UNLIMITED Space and UNLIMITED Bandwidth. What they fail to mention clearly is that, they do not offer unlimited server resources with their “Unlimited Hosting Plans”. This is common with most popular web hosting companies.

Without carefully reading their Terms of Service, you’ll never know that excessive resource usage can result in account suspension. In most cases you are on your own to figure out what went wrong.  The sad part is that when your account is suspended, you can’t even fix the issues that lead to your account suspension.

Certified Hosting also offers UNLIMTED Space and UNLIMITED Bandwidth. We do not offer unlimited resources on our shared hosting accounts but offer a viable alternative. You can add Certified Protection to save your account from suspension for using excessive resources.


What exactly is Certified Protection?

This unique Certified Hosting add-on is like an insurance policy. It protects your account from suspension due to unforeseen spike in server resource usage.

In this day and age of social media, you never know when your website may go viral or need a higher percentage of your shared server’s resources. In such an unforeseen circumstance, your website may exceed the acceptable levels of server resources. This can negatively affect the performance of all the other websites on your shared server. In such cases, defense mechanisms of a server can automatically suspend your account.

Certified Protection will save your account from suspension. It makes sure that your website is online and running when you need it most.


How Do I get Certified Protection for my account?

You can add Certified Protection while placing your order for a new Certified Hosting account. You can also add this insurance from suspension from cPanel at any time for an additional $4.95 per month only.


How does Certified Protection work?

When your account is flagged for using more than an acceptable amount of server resources, it will be moved to a “holding server” for 15 days. You will be notified of this incident.

The “holding server” is a fully functional cPanel server that houses four active accounts at a time. While your website is on this server, our support team will work with you to determine the issue. We will work together and help you make the necessary changes to be able to operate in a virtual shared hosting environment.

Note: There may be a short amount of downtime while your website is being moved from your shared server to the holding server.


What happens if my account can't go back to a shared server?

Our engineers will determine if your website’s growth can be sustained in a shared web hosting environment. If it has outgrown the limitations, we will recommend moving it to a managed dedicated server. We will also move your website for you. 

The Certified Protection premiums that you may have paid will be credited towards your new dedicated server.

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