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How can I manage affiliates?
Posted by Robert on 05 January 2010 06:10 AM

The Affiliate support must first be enabled by navigating to Admin Panel -> Settings -> Advanced Settings -> Enable affiliate support

Now navigate to Admin Panel -> Users -> Affiliates

Manage Affiliates

On this page you can manage the list of your affiliates by adding and deleting them.

Affiliates can be added in two ways:

  • The administrator can manually add all information about a new affiliate;
  • A future affiliate can enter this information by creating affiliate profiles on

After being added the affiliate will be assigned an ID. Then he/she should place a link to your site with this ID. Example:

A visitor who has joined your site through this link is automatically assigned to this affiliate and the affiliate will receive a share of all transactions that the visitor initiates (specified in the Percent field).

An affiliate can view his/her statement (list of profiles that are assigned to this affiliate and financial information) by logging in through the following page

The admin can also view financial statements of each affiliate by clicking the wording fin on the right side of the Manage Affiliates table.

The Affiliate -> My Link section inside an Affiliate Profile will display the link that an affiliate should place at his/her site.

Members as Affiliates

You can give incentives to people that are active members of your community site. This feature is based on Invite a friend module of our script. Members invite their friends using tellfriend.php window (Invite a friend link at the top of the pages). When the invited people registere at the site with the same e-mail they were invited at, they become referrals of the person who invited them.

Admin can set a certain number of invited and registered members (Number of Members) that must be invited before the referrants get eligible to change their membership levels.

The Admin can choose what membership privileges to give to referrants (Memberhip Type) and for how long this privilege should last (Number of Days).

AFF Approved banners

The Admin can insert images for affiliate banners. Affiliates will be able to view them and choose the suitable one for them.

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