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I have installed phpFormgenerator but it is not working. It returns Internal Server Error 500.
Posted by Robert on 14 December 2009 05:34 AM
Whenever you create a web form with phpFormgenerator it creates the new directories with 777 permissions. Such permissions are not allowed on our servers due to security reasons. Fortunately there is an easy fix.

You can change the default permissions used during the directory setup process by loging into your cPanel area and use the File manager. The only thing you have to accomplish is to navigate to the directory where you have installed phpFormgenerator, locate the following file:


and open it for editing. You have to find the following variables:

mkdir($wto, 0777);

chmod($flto, 0777);

and simply replace them with:

mkdir($wto, 0755);

chmod($flto, 0755);

If you are still receiving internal server error messages, please check your cPanel -> Error Log tool and look for:

directory writable by others

error messages. You have to set the permissions for the reported folders to 755 and everything should be OK.

You can easily change permissions for your files and directories by using the File manager available at your cPanel area.
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