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I can not login into my FAQMasterFlex administrative back end
Posted by Robert on 14 December 2009 05:20 AM

FAQMasterFlex uses the HTTP Basic authentication mechanism, which does now work with PHP compiled in CGI mode. This is why you can not log in the script's administration area.

However there is a solution to this problem:

1. Once you install the script, go to your cPanel and password protect its folder. Click here in order to find more information on how to password protect a folder.

Note: Do not forget to add an user to the password protected folder. In addition, after each username/password change, you will have to edit the .htaccess file as described in step 3.

2. Next step is to edit the admin_authorize.php. You can edit it via either the File Manager in your cPanel or any FTP client software. The entire file should look like:

 include "faq_config.php";
 $login = "<p><strong>Login Successful</strong></p>";

3. Final step is to edit the .htaccess file. Here goes the content you have to put in it:

<Files ~ "^faq_admin">
AuthType Basic
AuthName "FAQMasterFlex Admin"
AuthUserFile "/home/username/.htpasswds/folder/passwd"
require valid-user

Note: You have to change "username" to your cPanel username and "folder" to the folder name in which the script is installed.

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