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Posted by Robert on 14 December 2009 04:02 AM

Depending on your work you might want to capture different information as users report issues. In some cases, the data required is even different from one project to another. Hence, MantisBT provides the ability for the administrators and managers to define custom fields. This way it is possible extend its functionality and deal with information that is specific to certain projects.

Here are few of the custom fields properties as listed in Mantis documentation:

  • Custom fields are defined system wide.

  • Custom fields can be linked to multiple projects.

  • The sequence of displaying custom fields can be different per project.

  • Custom fields must be defined by users with access level ADMINISTRATOR.

  • Custom fields can be linked to projects by users with access level MANAGER or above (by default, this can be configured differently).

  • Number of custom fields is not restricted.

  • Users can define filters that include custom fields.

  • Custom fields can be included in View Issues, Print Issues, and CSV exports.

  • Enumeration custom fields can have a set of static values or values that are calculated dynamically based on a custom function.

To create a custom field that will suit your needs login to Mantis as Administrator then go to Manage -> Mange Custom Fields. Enter the new custom field name in the text box and click the New Custom Field button. You will be directed to a page where you will be able to define all custom properties for the field as well as link it to existing projects.

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