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Getting your ticket handled promtly
Posted by Robert on 20 November 2008 04:31 AM
You will notice when creating your ticket you can assign a
priority to the ticket. These range from low to critical and
help us sort out an emergency from a simple question or

We ask all our customers to attempt to make as accurate
a decision about the urgency of their ticket as they can.

Obviously, if your website is totally down, thats an emergency.

If you are simply asking about the version of some software
or server settings, thats a bit lower on the totem pole.

Rest assured, we will take care of ALL the tickets, and
you can usually expect an imediate reply within 15 minutes,
but sometimes things happen.

Here are some additional tips on getting your ticket taken
care of asap:
1.) Format all of your domain names and emails refrenced
in LOWERCASE letters. This helps us find your account faster
as well as work on the specific domains and emails quicker.

For example:
Instead of try
Or, instead of try

2.) Be as clear and include as much information as possible.
If you are getting an error, give us the link to the error and
provide us the steps you took to reach the problem. Be sure
to include and usernames and passwords we might need to
see what you see. This will help us to identify the exact issue
more promtly and thus, get it fixed faster.

3.) Tell us who you are.
Many times we get tickets asking for help, only to find that
they don't tell us what account they are under or their user
name. This results in us having to ask, causing a delay before
we can even begin to figure out the problem.

4.) If you are having us install a script for you, be sure
to include a link or attachment with the software we
are installing. Manytimes software requires payment
before downloading, and we cant obviously buy the software
for you.

5.) If you know your server name, tell us.
For cpanel users, this can be found on the information area
on the left hand side of your main cpanel area. This
goes hand in hand with telling us who you are, as we can
go right to your server, pull up your account, and get to
work right away, without having to look up what server
you are on. For our non-cpanel users, there is no easy
way to tell what server you are on, but if you're curious
feel free to ask. Its not hidden information.

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