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How can I obtain additional IP Address(s)?
Posted by Head Nerd in Charge on 11 October 2008 11:24 PM
Additional IP addresses are available for your hosting account. The cost is $2/mo per IP. IP's must be attached to a domain name. Use of an IP alone is not allowed.

You can easily purchase additional IP Addresses through the admin billing area located at

Please take the following steps:
1. Top Menu Click "My Hosting Packages"
1. Click the "View Details" button on the right
2. Towards bottom of the page you will see Account Addons, click the light blue link "Click to view available addons"
3. Choose 2nd option "Additional IP Address"
4. Order Now

Once your order is complete. Please open a ticket with the tech support deparment instructing which of your domain names should used for the additional IP's.
Please provide your paid invoice # as well.
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