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Why am I not receiving forwarded email messages?
Posted by Robert on 25 April 2008 10:08 PM
Some ISPs have blocked our e-mail forwarding servers. This has occurres because we do not personally filter out spam in email that is incoming to your forwarded email addresses. We do not filter because they often result in legitimate e-mails being blocked from reaching you. This can result in a large amount of spam that is sent to your forwarded address, which gets delivered to your ISP account. The ISP perceives this spam as having originated from our forwarding server since it was forwarded from your account, and as a result chooses to block the 'offending' IP address (our IP that you are using). Sadly, many ISPs have become unbending on this issue (which we can sympathize with, as our company is well aware of the trouble spam e-mails cause), and regrettably there is nothing further we can do to prevent this from happening to our customers if the ISP they are forwarding e-mail to is promoting these measures.

If this is happening to you, we suggest you create an e-mail account for your address and set up a mail client to access the address via POP or IMAP rather than having it forwarded to another email. All our accounts come with unlimited emails.

ISP's that we have been able to identify as employing these measures are noted here:

* Comcast
* AT&T Yahoo!
* Earthlink
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