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How come when I try to add certian things from cPanel, and then go to check it, it's not there?
Posted by Robert on 25 April 2008 09:15 PM
This can happen to a few different types of addons, including emails, MySQL databases, subdomains etc... Login to your cPanel account and look at the left side of the page where it says "General Account Information." This is where it lists what has been used and how many of each feature you have left. You will notice that some of them say 0 / 0. This means you are trying to add something that your account doesn't have. Accounts may not have features that you do not assign to their hosting package. You need to go into your WHM and create a new hosting package or edit an existing one that has the features you need. After creating this package with the features you need, you can simply upgrade your site to the new or updated package.
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