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Do you have way to limit the amount of transfer I can do?
Posted by Head Nerd in Charge on 23 February 2004 05:02 PM
We do NOT provide "throttling". Our philosophy on this subject is that we want to be able to provide your end users (the surfers) the best possible experience while surfing your web site. We do not think they should come to a web site that is slow and inaccessible at some points. This does not look good for your business and may cause some people to leave with a bad experience and never return. That can never be a good thing since the goal of having a web site is to attract and keep as many visitors on your site as possible. If not being throttled is scary to you because you are afraid of receiving a large bandwdith bill, rest assured that your web statistics are available to you at all times so you can budget yourself. Plus we are always available to help you determine what options best fit your needs.
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